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Welcome to QuickCheck!

QuickCheck is a screening tool of The Benefit Bank that estimates eligibility for benefits. You will be asked a few questions about yourself and your household. Based on your answers, you will see a results page with program information and a rough estimate of your household's eligibility for various benefits, as well as tax credits. Keep in mind that the result is an estimate, not an actual eligibility decision.

At the end of this screening tool, you can create an account with The Benefit Bank to start an application. Creating an account gives you access to all the applications and guidance available in our service--we not only help you through the application process, but we also let you know what to expect from benefit agencies after you apply. We encourage you to explore the many features within The Benefit Bank, regardless of your QuickCheck result!

Let's get started with some basic information about your household.

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We need some basic information about each person in your household.

The first person we need to know about is you.

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* How many other people are in your household?
How many people do not live in your household but are claimed as dependents on your tax return?

Medical Details

Does anyone have a physical, mental, or emotional condition that causes limitations in activities (such as dressing, bathing, or other daily activities?) Help Icon
Is anyone pregnant?

Household Expenses

Monthly shelter costs:

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Utilities: Help Icon
Mortgage: $
Does someone in your household own the home you live in?
Does your household pay for telephone?
Does your household pay for the heating and cooling costs of your residence?
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Household Members

Tell us about each person in your household.

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Individual Income

For the sections below, please tell us monthly amounts. If your income and expenses change each month, enter monthly averages.

Individual Expenses

Additional Relationships

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Individual Details

For each person listed below, check all that apply. Each check box below is an additional way to qualify for a benefit or tax credit.

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Program Eligibility Summary

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