Frequently Asked Questions

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The Benefit Bank Account

What do I do if I forgot my user name?

If you forgot your user name, send an email to requesting your user name.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password (but know your user name), your counselor can use the "Reset a client's password" link and follow the simple instructions to reset your password.

How do I update my email address?

You can update your email address by clicking on Edit Profile at the top of the screen. After you click "update" to save your new email address, you will receive an email from The Benefit Bank containing a verification link to confirm the change is authorized.


How long do I have to file my return?

The deadline for filing your taxes is April 18. If you cannot meet this deadline you should file an extension form 4868 (download the form). However, an extension will not prevent the IRS from assessing interest and or penalties to any tax you may owe. For more information on filing deadlines, visit the IRS website.

Note: The IRS allows you to electronically file (e-file) your taxes until October 15.

How do I file a state-only return?

The Benefit Bank currently supports state tax filing for the following states:

  • Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia

If you did not live in one of these states on December 31 of the previous year then you cannot use the Benefit Bank to file your state taxes.

To file only your state return you must still enter all of your federal tax information. This is because The Benefit Bank uses your federal information to calculate your state taxes. To prevent The Benefit Bank from re-filing your federal return, simply select "Do not file my federal return. I want to do state taxes only. " at the beginning of the Federal Taxes : Filing Your Return section. This will create your forms without electronically filing your federal return to the IRS. You can then proceed to the state tax section and e-file or paper file your state taxes, where applicable.

What happens if I submitted my return twice, using The Benefit Bank and another service?

You will not be penalized for accidentally e-filing your federal or state return a second time.

If you accidentally e-filed your federal or state return more than once -- and the first filing was accepted by the IRS -- the second filing will be rejected by the IRS. The rejection will say something to the effect of, "A person with this social security number has already filed a return." If you were satisfied with your initial e-file and the second e-file was a mistake, disregard the notice and do nothing.

However, if you wish to make a change to a return that was already accepted by the IRS, then you must fill out form 1040X (download the form). The 1040X must be mailed to the IRS; it cannot be e-filed.

What does it mean that my return was rejected?

A tax return is rejected by the IRS simply because some basic information you submitted on your return does not match IRS records. For example, if you accidentally misspelled a dependent's name or mistyped a Social Security Number you would receive a rejection notice from the IRS. Rejections only occur for e-filed returns. The IRS database must be able to positively identify you in their system. Therefore, if you submit information that conflicts with their records, the e-filed return will be rejected by their system.

How do I correct my return after it has been rejected?

To correct a rejected tax return, simply double-check the information you entered, make any necessary changes, and re-submit your e-file.

Please refer to the E-file Status Tool in The Benefit Bank when making corrections, as it tells you the reason for your rejection.

Why haven't I received my refund yet?

Refund times may vary from two to eight weeks, depending on how you filed (e-file or paper file) and how you chose to receive your refund (direct deposit or a mailed check). You can check the status of your refund by visiting the IRS site Where's My Refund. Your information will be available within 24 hours after your e-filed tax return has been received or 4 weeks after you mail your paper return.

If you have moved during tax season

If you moved after filing taxes, you should contact the IRS with your new address information. The IRS does not forward checks.

How do I make changes to a return that the IRS has already accepted?

You must fill out form 1040X (download the form). The 1040X cannot be e-filed and must be mailed to the IRS. You are able to fill out this form for three prior tax years

Do I need to file a tax return?

The IRS has a tool that will help you determine if you should file. The tool will ask you a series of questions about your citizenship status, marital status, income, etc and should take about 10 minutes to complete. Use the IRS tool called Do I Need to File a Tax Return? to help you figure out if you should file.